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学术报告十九_英国南安普顿大学光电子研究中心 Kevin Huang、陆明博士学术报告

发表于 2017-05-11 17:52

题目一: Evolution in Functional Chalcogenides and Emerging 2D Materials

报告人:Kevin Chung-Che Huang 高级研究员(英国南安普顿大学ORC




Transition metal di-chalcogenides (TMDCs) such as MoS2, MoSe2, WS2 and WSe2 have become promising complimentary materials to graphene sharing many of its attributes. They may however offer properties that are unattainable in graphene, in particular TMDCs offer a bandgap tunable through both composition and number of layers. This has led to use of TMDCs in applications such as transistors, photodetectors, electroluminescent and bio-sensing devices. The current challenge in this emerging research field is to provide a reliable process to fabricate large area of atomically thin 2D TMDCs on the desired substrate. Chemical vapour deposition (CVD) technology has the advantage of offering conformal, scalable, and controllable thin film growth on a variety of different substrates. In addition, Van der Waals epitaxy could provide the vapour phase epitaxy of these TMDCs on the substrates with mismatched lattice constants. In this talk, I describe the evolution in functional chalcogenide materials at the ORC and the recent development in emerging TMDCs materials using CVD technology and Van der Waals Epitaxy and discuss their properties and potential applications.


Dr. Kevin Chung-Che Huang is a Senior Research Fellow at the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC), University of Southampton. He has been working on functional chalcogenide materials containing S, Se or Te elements fabricated by means of chemical vapour deposition (CVD), atomic layer deposition (ALD) and Van der Waals Epitaxy. Recently this advanced CVD technology has been applied to fabricate wafer-scale emerging 2D materials, such as graphene and transition metal di-chalcogenides. Especially, an unique process for fabricating wafer-scale MoS2 published in Nanoscale, has generated a huge impact in the research community and hence he has generated a huge impact in the research community and hence he has established more than 55 active academic collaborations collaborators worldwide. With these collaborations since 2010, he has written and contributed to 60 publications including 12 invited talks. He is the holder for the patent of germanium sulphide based materials fabricated by CVD. Currently, he is a Senior Research Fellow at the ORC and leads research in CVD, ALD and Van der Waals Epitaxy of functional chalcogenides and novel 2D materials for photonic devices, phase-change memory, thin-film solar cells, photo-catalyst, nano-electronics and other emerging applications. His CVD and 2D materials research has currently contributed to some active research Grants with the total values greater than 21 million through EPSRC in the UK. In addition, the wafer-scale CVD process for 2D materials has also generated enormous prospects for commercialization and he is working with our Business Development Manager to market the wafer-scale 2D metal di-chalcogenide thin films currently with some established customers.

题目二:Sub-ns Pulse Fiber Laser and Applications

报告人:陆明博士 (深圳镭射微视科技有限公司首席科学家)



摘要:ns/ps Pulse Laser has developed rapidly in the past 10 years and its relevant application has been widely adopted in many novel material processing area, take the advantage of the high peak-power, wide range of tunable range of repeat rate, small footprint, robust and high energy efficiency of MOPA structure of Fiber Laser, the sub-ns Pulse Fiber Laser is demonstrated and the relevant application in metal material process and marking is been introduced.  


陆明博士, 深圳市 孔雀 计划”A类海外高层次人才,入选深圳市政府决策咨询委员高端制造专家会委会委员。 20052月,获得英国南安普顿大学光电研究中心(ORC) 博士学位;20052-20063, 英国南安普顿大学博士后研究员。


1 首席科学家(Chief Scientist---2014-至今,深圳镭射微视科技有限公司/iLuma Photonics Co.,Ltd.

2.中国区总裁兼首席代表(Vice President of China and Chief Representative)--200910-20131, 英国SPI光纤激光有限公司(SPI Lasers UK Limited)

3 高级项目经理(Senior Project Manager)--200710-200910, 英国SPI光纤激光有限公司(SPI Lasers UK Limited)

4 项目经理(Project Manager)--200610-200710,英国SPI光纤激光有限公司(SPI Lasers UK Limited)

5 项目经理(Project Manager)--20063-20069, 英国捷迪讯光电(JDS UniphaseUK)

6 项目经理(Project Manager)--19953-20009, 英国德士力光电有限公司(Draxler, UK)


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